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iPhone App:How to create iPhone App ?

How to create iPhone App

Teknopedia - The iPhone in your hand is the most valuable gadget for you doubtlessly. A number of factors make it so dear to you including the wide variety of iPhone apps that help manage your business, cater your reading habit via iBooks apps, helps in networking through social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google etc and entertain you at leisure with amazing games. Apple store is rich of high quality commercial and business iPhone apps. When an iPhone developer passes via your mind, you will picture an expert, or a team of experts coding in thousands of lines. Then tweaking, testing, debugging, and performing the required things in creating iPhone apps. For now, this may be true, but the view of an app developer is altering. iPhone app development is no more limited to skilled professional programmers; you can also create your own simple iPhone app. In this post we will have a brief overview of the entire process of iPhone app development.

iPhone App Development – Career or Hobby ?

iphoneapp - professionals

iPhone has been a successful product and contributing a major part in sales of the company. With the rapid increase in its popularity and affordability, programmers feel interested to test their skills in iPhone app development. Average internet or iPhone user may wish to create some simple and easy to use app for themselves. The point, we want to focus here, is that you can either develop casual iPhone apps at leisure or you may look for a career in it. Your thirst for knowledge and passion in app development will determine how far you will go with this hobby. There are many options for people who want to learn iPhone app development.

For Professionals

clip_image003There are a number of computer training institutes that offer various mobile development classes online. We also came to know that some colleges and universities are offering degree courses on Android and iPhone development. If you want to progress in the field as a professional, then you should go for these courses or any other certifications to prove your authentication.You can also go through different books or e-books to increase your knowledge on the topic. To become a professional developer you need to consider a number of marketing facts. Your iPhone app should be easy to use, beneficial, attractive, efficient, competent, professional and affordable. Once you create your iPhone app, the next step is its submission to Apple Store where it gets approved after recruitment. You earn by the sales of your app but Apple keeps a certain percentage of benefit from sales. As another option; you may not sell, but money can come through the ads that will run via your apps. That is, if anyone clicks the ads, several cents get to your account.

For Hobbyists

Many individuals fear developing and programming for they do not have the experience of programming language. For such users, software are available which save you from programming hassle and provide easier graphical user interfaces along with a tutorial or a step-by-step guideline to help create iPhone apps. The apps generate opportunities for people with the urge to learn to create the apps. Honestly, it will be easy to program iPhone apps even with naivety in the field. All those who want to try their hand at iPhone app development for personal use, they can try these applications. You can make simple games like Truth or Dare or any e-book related app for personal uses.

Create iPhone App

This was an overview of iPhone app development; you must be feeling interested to create an app of your own now. After saying all this, we should see the formal steps involved in the development of iPhone App. You can split the development into three steps:

1- Plan your app

2-Program your app

3-Submit your app

Plan your iPhone App

You do not have to be a whiz of computers or fluent in Xcoding so as to create an app. All you require is the idea and the way of bringing the idea to function using the available software. Apple offers a downloadable SDK and some regulations to help the developers.The basic key is to bring a smart idea as every app originates from concepts.You should have a SMART plan before you consider further steps.What does a SMART plan mean ? It means specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bounded plan. Much as, an idea can be devoted to you, it will be useless if other people do not need it. Before you create iPhone app you will have to research in the market to identify if it will be viable for the audience intended. Maybe you possess an idea of providing a service or solving a problem, but you should have some strong points to convince ‘Why your iPhone app is better than the others? ’

Program your iPhone App

To create iPhone app, you will either hire a programmer of iPhone, do yourself, or other software programs to help you put life to your app. There are several helpful tips and guidelines, for example, your app’s icon and name, available via the development center of iPhone. There are many forums as well where constructive discussion is carried on and you can solve your queries there. If you are a beginner, you may want to start from different websites that offer free online iPhone app development.’

iphone app-toolbox

If you are serious with your iPhone app, download the SDK (Software Development Kit) for iPhone which is available with documentation and sample codes.You may need to download Xcode which is recommended toolset from Apple that is designed with easy to use interface. Apple claims that Xcode IDE understands every detail in the project and identifies syntax and logical error and will fix it. In short, it will help you write a better code.You can now start programming using the available templates in SDK. The SDK comes with an iPhone stimulator so you should test and debug your app well before you finalize it.

Submit your iPhone App

We found this part more technical and wanted to explain each and every step involved in it but this is out of the scope of today’s post so we are giving  an overview of it.submit iphone app
  • You must have an App ID so that you can log in to iPhone app developer portal.
  • When you are done with your iPhone app, you need to create a provisioning file for it in the Xcode.
  • This file is then converted to a binary file after following a specific series of steps.
  • Connect yourself to iTunes and add your application in your account.
  • You app is submitted and will be reviewed before it get approved and qualify for the Apple Store.
We will repeat that your iPhone app should be easy to use, beneficial, attractive, efficient, competent, professional and affordable. We have plans to share more about iPhone app development very soon. Did you find this post helpful? Do not forget to share your opinion as they are precious.

Stay i-tuned! Stay blessed!


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