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IPhone Keyboard Tips and Tricks - Understand your iPhone keyboard

IPhone Keyboard Tips and Tricks

Teknopedia - You finally have an iPhone and now you are probably sitting on the couch trying to figure it out. Yes, you can spend hours learning different iPhone technologies. Great phone with so many great features. There are almost endless reasons to be interested. When you have a new technology you have to learn how to use it, this is often difficult, especially when the resources to learn the new technique are not available. I have my iPhone next to me as I type this. And I think using your iPhone keyboard is the first thing you need to understand.

So, here is a collection of all the tips and tricks that can make a difference in the usability of your iPhone keyboard. This will help keep your message as smooth and error-free as possible.

To type a letter, tap the letter. No letters are entered until you remove your finger from the lock. So, if you accidentally hit the wrong key while typing, slide your finger over the key you want to type. Release when the correct letter or symbol is displayed. While Apple's autocorrect feature is useful, many iPhone users often find themselves getting the suggested words by mistake when they didn't mean to. There are two things to note in order to avoid this.

To accept a suggested word, first tap the space bar, punctuation mark, or press Return. Secondly, to reject the keyboard correction ... finish typing the word you want, then tap on the word itself. It's a bit of a hassle, but it works. Do this twice and iPhone will add the word to its dictionary.

What is the iPhone keyboard hint function? The hints feature can come in handy when it comes to contractions, which are usually difficult to type because you have to switch to the secondary punctuation keyboard to find the quotes. Therefore, you can intentionally omit the quotes. Just type "im", "dont", "cant" and so on. Your iPhone will suggest "I", "no" or "I can't", so you can just tap the space bar to correct the word and move on. The hint function also appears when iPhone thinks it knows how to complete a correctly spelled word. For example, if you type "dad", the suggestion is "dad". This trick only saves a few letters.

The iPhone has a built-in English dictionary (but no definition). As you type, compare what you typed with words in its dictionary (as well as with names in your address book); if it finds a partial match, it will show suggestions under what you typed.

Uppercase. To capitalize the first letter of a word, simply tap the Shift key, then tap the letter you want to capitalize. To capitalize an entire word, go to settings, tap general, then keyboard. From there, tap "Enable Caps Lock" and if you double tap the Shift key, it will glow blue and you can now type all uppercase letters.

Here it is ... iPhone keyboard tips and tricks - simple and affordable.


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