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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Tube - the next generation smartphone

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Tube

Teknopedia - Nokia launched its latest stealth show - the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic smartphone - in London on October 2nd, 2008, and it looks like the folks at Nokia have another potential winner. With this S60 touchscreen device you feel the full touch and with features that could give Apple's beloved and expensive iPhone a run, the new Nokia baby on the block will give Apple engineers a sleepless night.

Features of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

This new Nokia with its amazing features can really pose a big threat to Apple iPhone's huge market share. Finally, someone can come up with a cell phone that can directly challenge the iPhone's superior status.

The Nokia 5800 has an interesting addition to the dual home screen, a responsive media bar and a contact bar that gives you one-touch access to recent communications, SMS, log, favourites, settings and contacts, just like the media bar where you don't have to dig through piles of files to access your favorite online content or media.
It has a widescreen resolution of 360 x 640 pixels, which gives great image quality on a slightly disappointing 3.2-inch screen.

Shutterbugs will love the VGA video (30 fps) and the 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera that produces decent images.

You can enter text on the touch screen with a stylus or alternatively in the form of a notch.

Instead of providing an unreasonable number of buttons that can only cause confusion and irritation, Nokia minimizes the control buttons, ensuring smooth, hassle-free navigation. Does this make sense.
The main buttons contain call and end buttons on each side. The combination of 3 keys completes the keyboard below the huge touchscreen along the Renoir and Pixon lines.

Other useful tips that make it a gadget fanatic's dream phone include very powerful stereo surround speakers, an 8 GB micro SD memory card expandable to 16 GB, a TV output, a standard 3 audio jack, 5 mm, HSDPA, 3G , GSM quad band support and other high-tech features. The Nokia 5800 also includes Wi-Fi capabilities that many smartphones lack, including the Apple iPhone.

This is a phone for the music fanatic as it also comes with FM radio and Comes With Music service that allows you to download unlimited music from the Nokia Music Store catalog for a year and the best part is even after the expiry date. The free annual offer allows you to keep all your saved titles. The Nokia Music Store offers over two million songs to enjoy and continues to grow as the service grows.

This is a must for gadget lovers and experts believe that with the launch of this device, Nokia is on its way to assert and strengthen its supremacy in the mobile world.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Tube Smartphone Vs. Apple iPhone

With the launch of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Tube smartphone, touted as the iPhone killer, it's time to assess whether Nokia's newcomer to the market lives up to its billing and whether the iPhone's heyday is over. . Let's compare the two wireless giants and see how much they each cost.

input method

This Nokia comes with a finger touch, stylus or alternative option that you can use to enter text on the touch screen. iPhone only supports finger touch.


The iPhone with a lame 2MP camera without flash is the clear underdog in this category, as the Nokia 5800 has a built-in 3.2MP autofocus dual flash camera with a Carl Zeiss lens that allows you to take decent pictures. It also enables excellent quality VGA video recording. As such, the iPhone shines every quarter this time and is definitely not recommended for serious budding photographers.

video recording

iPhone does not allow video recording or video calling. With Nokia, these features are standard applications.


Both Apple and Nokia will be paired in the music department and both are dream devices for music fanatics. But Nokia's Comes With Music feature, FM radio and super-powerful stereo surround speakers can give it an extra edge.


This is where Nokia fails a bit when you put the iPhone's 3.2 inch screen against the 3.5 inch screen. But to close this gap, Nokia's resolution is 5 times better than iPhones.


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